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anonymous_scots's Journal

Anonymous Scots
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A community for those traumatized by the Scottish educational system and the worst excesses of tartan and shortbread culture.

Non-Scots who have a Scottish connection are welcome to join.

The anti-interests are things we're against and the interests are things we like, but being a contrary bunch some things are in both.

Anti-interests: Lewis Grassic Gibbon; Sunset Song; tartan; the Loch Ness Monster; Nessie; shortbread; heather; kailyardism, Braveheart; odd Americans who have a Scottish ancestor 14 generations back which they think makes them Scottish. Who then proceed to wibble on about their tartan for hours.; Sean Connery forever wibbling on about Scottish nationalism when he lives in the Bahamas; Any food with oatmeal in it, except cranachan, which is nice.; Canadians who stop you at bus stops in Vancouver and on discovering you come from Glasgow, ask you if you know Jimmy Paterson in Arran; tartan tat shops; cashmere jumper shops; the Royal Mile; any Scottish "comedy" drama, indeed anything by BBC Scotland which replaces a network schedule; curling; bowls, and that infommercial for hypothermia they used to show all the bleeding time. Oh and the Alternative History O Grade syllabus. And canals.; jokes about haggis hunting; haggis; aberdeen; Trainspotting; William McGonagall; Greyfriars Bloody Bobbie; people who claim Connery was their milkman; bagpipes (unless used by Test Dept); Ewan McGregor; fake tourist board Nessies, especially the Norwegian one; faux Charles Rennie Mackintosh tat; the Proclaimers; East Kilbride; porridge; the Old Firm; Old Firm derbies; neds.

Interests over five words: Ewan McGregor but only with really short hair as in Trainspotting and DEFINITELY not as dopey ponce like in Moulin Rouge;

Maintainer: zoo_music_girl

This community was set up as a joke in March 2003 but it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

Play nicely. Any inflammatory or potentially libellous posts will be deleted. This is not the place for such things. Please do not use this journal to post quiz results.