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our own timezone?

OK, a bit worried.

I'm sitting at my computer surfing through the bills before parliament (as you do) and i came accross an experimental bill before Westminster.

This bill is called the LIGHTER EVENINGS (EXPERIMENT) BILL  and is currently before the House of Commons.
It proposes that the time in winter should be an hour ahead of GMT and that summer should be TWO hours ahead of GMT.
The bill includes in section 4 a provision to except the subject-matter of this bill from the reserved matter of time under schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998.
This is I presume to avoid the disaster of putting time forward an hour in Scotland in winter. They tried that before I think and while it maybe got dark at half past three instead of half past two it didnt get light until after ten am. Not so good.

So if this bill goes ahead presumably Scotland would retain its current system of GMT and BST but England would be an hour ahead of us all least until 2009 (hence the EXPERIMENTAL part of the title i presume).
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