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The Scot on Death Row (KENNY RICHEY)

An attorney in OHIO has been arrested for speaking out about corruption in the OHIO Judicial System. More info here (and links) on the Kenny Richey website:

And now for irony so extreme only the americans could come up with it and not get it: The inmates on DEATH ROW in Ohio are being forced to give up smoking:

also the campaign is in serious financial difficulty. If you know anyone who is interested in his case and might donate some funds refer them here:

A whole bunch of the world's best arson experts have said after new forensic testing that the evidence points toward the fire Kenny Richey was supposed to have started, (which ended up killing a 2 year old girl) being accidentally not deliberately started. Therefore regardless of the controversy over 'intention to kill' in this case, he is for all intents and purposes INNOCENT as he has always claimed because he did not start the fire. This was an accident, not murder and KENNY RICHEY has been wrongly incarcerated for 20 Years to date. He is going through his final appeals process - the only reason he is still on death row is because he has refused all plea bargains and maintained his innocence in the hope of a retrial.

However the american justice system makes it very difficult to appeal on evidence not brought before the original trial. This means that even when there is evidence proving a person's innocence, they can still be executed under state law. Funds are very important for phone calls, letters and envelopes and such like. I don't have any money to donate, but if you know anyone who might want to donate or who might be interested please post this on to them. Thankyou.
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