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Hello people, I'm going to be visiting your city in May and I was hoping to get tips on a cheap place to stay, advice on bookstores, and maybe even a friend or two.

I'm a graduate student living and working in Paris this semester and I've vowed to spend at least a weekend of my time in Europe in Glasgow: home of one of my favorite contemporary writers Ken MacLeod, bands too numerous to mention, and, most pressingly, home to the Cathouse, who will host crazy-good US group Devotchka in May.

Any advice for a country-mouse?

(I'm crossposting this to a couple of other Glasgow-ish communities, so sorry for any repetition).
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You have NO idea how jealous of you I am. First off, I went to the Univ. of Glasgow for a year and I really wish I could go back! Secondly, DeVotchKa is my favorite band. I saw they were playing at the Cathouse and I nearly shat myself. You will have an amazing time.
Something fun to do if you're a drinker: Spend one of the days doing a subcrawl on the 'clockwork orange.' The idea is you get a drink at a pub for each of the 16(?) subway stops. Challenging, at times scary, takes a whole day, but you really get to see the city. I met some crazy people when I did it, and seeing what's 'south of the Clyde' is interesting.

More good people-watching is the Barrows- the flea market.

If that's not up your alley, there are definitely art museums to see. The Kelvingrove museum might be open now (it was closed for renovations for a while) and if it's not go to 'treasures of the kelvingrove' which is in city centre somewhere... Also the Burrell Collection- it's outside of the city, requires a bit of time on the bus, but it's worthwhile.

Wander around city centre- they have some good shopping.

I should be writing a paper, but when I think of other stuff you should do I'll post another comment.
Thank you very much for this - I will report back with findings!

I was very interested to read your userinfo - llittle did you expect that the glasgow connection would produce a SANTA CRUZ connection. I'm a grad student in Lit at UCSC, working here for the UC Paris study abroad program and doing my own dissertation research. i would wager that we've both been hanging out on the porch at pergolesi on the same afternoon....