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Thought some of you might like to see the below

Protest the JNF's racist fund-raising
The Jewish National Fund states publicly that no Arabs may live on, or buy back any land once the JNF has purchased it. The JNF is a major enforcer of apartheid inside Israel. "Today, the JNF tractor follows in the wake of the Army tank. Areas which have been restored to Israel as a result of the Six Day War are being put under the plough. The preparation of this land is the primary task of the JNF."

JNF UK has Colin Powell as their special guest at their fundraising dinners in January 2006. It is appropriate that the JNF has chosen a notorious liar whose career in war crimes includes wars from Vietnam to Iraq.

SPSC Protest
JNF Fundraising event with Colin Powell
Glasgow Hilton - Mon Jan 16 from 5.00pm onwards
Powell is also at
London Park Lane Hotel - Sun Jan 15
Manchester Hilton - Tues Jan 17

While he was Secretary of State, Colin Powell instructed US Embassies in the Middle East to stop using the phrase "Occupied Territories" and to use only the militant Zionist phrase "Disputed Territories". According to Powell and Sharon, 78% of historic Palestine is undisputed Zionist territory, while the remainder is to be fought over by nuclear-armed Israel and virtually unarmed Palestinians.

Be clear - implicit in this refusal to use the phrase "Occupied Territories" is a commitment to the total violation of any minimum Palestinian human or national rights in the 22% asked for by the Palestinian leadership.

Now Powell is fund-raising for the JNF (Jewish National Fund) at the Glasgow Hilton on the night of Monday 16th. (In between the same in London on Sunday 15th and Manchester on Tuesday 17th. London.

The JNF is a militantly racist organisation and

* refuses to allow Arabs to live on its land
* develops illegal Jewish-only settlements in the territories conquered and occuppied since 1967
* controls land stolen from ethnically-cleansed Palestinians
* opposes all attempts by human rights groups to challenge its policies
* prohibits by open statute the sale of land to non-Jews


* has funded large amounts of discriminatory land purchases in Israel
* is funding a new Jewish-only settlement in an area proposed to form aprt of a future Palestinian state
* distributes pro-Israeli propaganda masquerading as eduational material.
* features on its website a map of Israel stretching from the Meditarranean Sea to the Jordan River
* gets financial support from every British taxpayer
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