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This is a rant about kilts.... [04 Jan 2008|10:25pm]


This rant is really about Matt Lucas making the Scots guy in BB look like a dork.  But it's also about Disney Scotland and kilts.


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[30 Jul 2007|10:03am]



Hear The Recovery Club..

The Liquid Ship..
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Beltane XX -13 [17 Apr 2007|08:26am]

A fortnight from now I should be stood by a bonfire, having just watched the sunrise on the way from the Beltane after-club, and everything will, no doubt, have gone swimmingly.

In the meantime, however, we're still incredibly short of people: last night I went through the list of people who'd signed up but we'd not seen recently and managed to confirm that some of them are still interested. Ideally, though, we could use another fifteen between torchbearers and processional stewards (normally, we're turning folk away by now, but one of our main sources of new people has dried up this year).

There's still time to join in, so just in case there's anyone reading this I've not already tried to recruit, here's what's still to come.

  • Thursday 19 April, 7pm: practice on Calton Hill - meet at corner of observatory wall by the cannon.

  • Sunday 22 April, 12.30pm: first full all-Beltane walkthrough on Calton Hill - attendance at at least one of the two walkthroughs is mandatory, so if you're interested in signing up, but can't make this one, please let me know. This is followed by a Health and Safety briefing (again, attendance at one of these is mandatory, but there's another chance on Saturday 28 April

  • Thursday 26 April, 7pm: crowd control class on the Meadows - not compulsory, but pretty useful

  • Saturday 28 April, 2pm: Second Health and Safety briefing in te Pooka office, Lady Lawson St - only if you weren't at the first one. If you really can't make either, let me know and we'll try and fit something in

  • TBA after Thursday but no later than 6pm on Sunday 29 April - fireproofing session: misting the clothes you'll be wearing on the night with fire-retardant.

  • Monday 30 April, 12.30pm: Second full walkthrough: it's best to have been to two walkthroughs, but if you can't make this one, please let me know. After the walkthrough, there's time to eat something and go get ready (appropriate clothes, costumes, facepaint) before coming back up the Hill (torchbearers for about half eight, stewards earlier) and ready to be in position on the Acropolis by half nine or so.

  • Tuesday 1 May: 1.30am: stand down, relax, have fun, then off to the Beltane after club (with live music and 5am licence: stewards get in free, rest of performers get a reduced entry if tickets bought soon) - you probably don't want to have work to go to
There are other things happening in the next couple of weeks: torch ball making sessions for those who can manage them, fund raising busks will be needing people to shake buckets or give out flyers, the opening of the photo exhibition, an elemental Karaoke night, but that's the bones of it.

Bottom line: if you've can make a walkthrough and a health and safety meeting, we can use you. If you've done any form of stewarding before, that's fantastic, but if you haven't, you'll be amazed how much you can learn in one Thursday evening session.
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Need help with the Glaswegian accent! [29 Jan 2007|06:21pm]

I'm a NYC-based creative working on an internet show featuring a Scottish character. The American actress we're using has a talent for mimicry but no familiarity with an authentic Glaswegian accent.

Is there anyone raised in Glasgow (preferably female) who can answer some questions about the accent and the proper way to pronounce certain sentences? Will repay the favor any way you see fit (er, except for with actual cash, as we're all dead broke).

If by some chance you're an actor trying to get the New York accent down, I've got some "tutorials" on the subject here.

Thanks in advance, any help appreciated, and my apologies if this post doesn't fit the community!


- Rain
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burns poetry [24 Jan 2007|03:53am]

i've been instructed to find a funny poem to read at burns night. help!
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[24 Aug 2006|08:00pm]


Hi, all! Anyone from the University of Strathclyde? I'm thinking of applying there for next year, and was just wondering if there was anyone who could tell me their impressions and how they like it. (Even better if you're taking the Journalism + Creative writing course :)

Also, I'm interested in the area itself, what does every day life look like. If you have any pictures of the university or surrounding area, that would be awesome too :) 

Thanks in advance!

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A matter of great national importance. [06 Aug 2006|10:24am]

A desperately-needed partial reprieve is available for a national icon . . . but it hangs in the balance.

Admittedly, if you didn't grow up in Scotland, this will probably seem a matter of no significance whatsoever.
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our own timezone? [13 Jul 2006|11:15am]

[ mood | amused ]

OK, a bit worried.

I'm sitting at my computer surfing through the bills before parliament (as you do) and i came accross an experimental bill before Westminster.


This bill is called the LIGHTER EVENINGS (EXPERIMENT) BILL  and is currently before the House of Commons.
It proposes that the time in winter should be an hour ahead of GMT and that summer should be TWO hours ahead of GMT.
The bill includes in section 4 a provision to except the subject-matter of this bill from the reserved matter of time under schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998.
This is I presume to avoid the disaster of putting time forward an hour in Scotland in winter. They tried that before I think and while it maybe got dark at half past three instead of half past two it didnt get light until after ten am. Not so good.

So if this bill goes ahead presumably Scotland would retain its current system of GMT and BST but England would be an hour ahead of us all year...at least until 2009 (hence the EXPERIMENTAL part of the title i presume).

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SCOTLAND [23 Jun 2006|08:35pm]

In five days I will be on the plane to Glasgow, where I will be staying for the month of July! I found this awesome tour for "the young, independent traveler" for after my program ends, which, transportation, food, and lodging included, takes me through remote parts of Scotland, Skye and Orkney for a week. (wild-in-scotland.com, if you're interested.) I'm especially excited to go to Orkney because it's kind of difficult to get to if you don't have a car. I hear it will be coldish/cool, which will be a VERY nice alternative to the weather we're having here in la Virginie. I'll have 1500 dollars to spend as well after paying for the tour due to obsessive saving. OMG this trip is going to be so badass!
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[19 Jun 2006|11:09am]

The RSNO are doing a survey asking people what they think the Scottish National Anthem should be. They give five options:

Highland Cathedral
Flower o' Scotland
Scotland the Brave
Scots Wha' Hae
A Man's a Man

I like the last one personally - it was written by a Scot and its in Scots but its has a universal theme that I think is approprite in the modern, multicultural Scotland than one of the old, repetative 'we hate the english' ones. Lets not make this all anti-English cause theres much more to being Scots than hating the English and we must also consider all those people from different ethnic backgrounds who consider themselves Scots but whose ancestors were not involved in the wars and battles with the English. Apart from anything else, they show us that what Burns is talking about in A Mans a Man is one of the qualities of the Scots, and like many other aspects of our nation, it has nothing to do with the English.

That's just my opinion, but i'm sure theres someone out there who disagrees. Maybe if I spark a debate it will get people voting and the more people that vote, the more likely it is that the Scottish Parliament will pay attention and finally get their act together and do something about it.

Here's the link: http://www.rsno.org.uk/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=119&Itemid=138
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[07 May 2006|10:20pm]

I'm interested in hiking in the Trossachs--so chosen because my guidebook says they're lovely and they're really close to Glasgow, where I'll be coming from-- in late June, but I want to avoid hordes of tourists with kids, camcorders and cars. It would sort of ruin my "Oh, nature!" moment. What should I do? Where should I go? I'm probably going to stay in the hostel in Callander, but if you have any recommendations, I'd appreciate them.
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[05 May 2006|09:58am]

Apologies if this sort of thing is not allowed here. Will remove if required . . .


Fixed Price £185,000
Estate Agent: CORUM

This stunning top floor duplex apartment forms part of Greenlaw House, a ‘B’ listed church conversion by Ossian (2000) and located within the sought after Greenlaw conservation area, to the east of Paisley town centre. Comprising: rec hallway with useful storage cupboard, lounge with double aspects, fitted kitchen, en suite shower room, bathroom, small study area, dining room, 2 dble sized bedroom, gch, dg. parking, and the development is managed & maintained by an appointed factor.

INTERIORS....Collapse )
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[05 May 2006|09:31am]


Are there any LJ communities out there where you can put out a plug for a house you're selling?

All pointers gratefully received :)
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Beltane Fundraiser [10 Apr 2006|08:23pm]

Nightwatch Present:

Boogie Before Beltane
Bloco Vomit
fresh from their recent sellout 10th Anniversary Tour!

Plus pagan tunes from Gare Rama, and Graham (Gigantor) on the decks

Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh
Thursday April 20th, 8 till 1

Entry £5 (£4 conc) on door

A Fundraiser for 2006 Beltane Fire Festival

Flyer behind cutCollapse )

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The Scot on Death Row (KENNY RICHEY) [22 Mar 2006|11:09am]

An attorney in OHIO has been arrested for speaking out about corruption in the OHIO Judicial System. More info here (and links) on the Kenny Richey website:


And now for irony so extreme only the americans could come up with it and not get it: The inmates on DEATH ROW in Ohio are being forced to give up smoking:

also the campaign is in serious financial difficulty. If you know anyone who is interested in his case and might donate some funds refer them here:

A whole bunch of the world's best arson experts have said after new forensic testing that the evidence points toward the fire Kenny Richey was supposed to have started, (which ended up killing a 2 year old girl) being accidentally not deliberately started. Therefore regardless of the controversy over 'intention to kill' in this case, he is for all intents and purposes INNOCENT as he has always claimed because he did not start the fire. This was an accident, not murder and KENNY RICHEY has been wrongly incarcerated for 20 Years to date. He is going through his final appeals process - the only reason he is still on death row is because he has refused all plea bargains and maintained his innocence in the hope of a retrial.

However the american justice system makes it very difficult to appeal on evidence not brought before the original trial. This means that even when there is evidence proving a person's innocence, they can still be executed under state law. Funds are very important for phone calls, letters and envelopes and such like. I don't have any money to donate, but if you know anyone who might want to donate or who might be interested please post this on to them. Thankyou.
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Anticipating [14 Mar 2006|01:04pm]

Hello people, I'm going to be visiting your city in May and I was hoping to get tips on a cheap place to stay, advice on bookstores, and maybe even a friend or two.

I'm a graduate student living and working in Paris this semester and I've vowed to spend at least a weekend of my time in Europe in Glasgow: home of one of my favorite contemporary writers Ken MacLeod, bands too numerous to mention, and, most pressingly, home to the Cathouse, who will host crazy-good US group Devotchka in May.

Any advice for a country-mouse?

(I'm crossposting this to a couple of other Glasgow-ish communities, so sorry for any repetition).
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demo [16 Jan 2006|12:13am]

Thought some of you might like to see the below

Protest the JNF's racist fund-raising
The Jewish National Fund states publicly that no Arabs may live on, or buy back any land once the JNF has purchased it. The JNF is a major enforcer of apartheid inside Israel. "Today, the JNF tractor follows in the wake of the Army tank. Areas which have been restored to Israel as a result of the Six Day War are being put under the plough. The preparation of this land is the primary task of the JNF."

JNF UK has Colin Powell as their special guest at their fundraising dinners in January 2006. It is appropriate that the JNF has chosen a notorious liar whose career in war crimes includes wars from Vietnam to Iraq.

SPSC Protest
JNF Fundraising event with Colin Powell
Glasgow Hilton - Mon Jan 16 from 5.00pm onwards
Powell is also at
London Park Lane Hotel - Sun Jan 15
Manchester Hilton - Tues Jan 17

While he was Secretary of State, Colin Powell instructed US Embassies in the Middle East to stop using the phrase "Occupied Territories" and to use only the militant Zionist phrase "Disputed Territories". According to Powell and Sharon, 78% of historic Palestine is undisputed Zionist territory, while the remainder is to be fought over by nuclear-armed Israel and virtually unarmed Palestinians.

Be clear - implicit in this refusal to use the phrase "Occupied Territories" is a commitment to the total violation of any minimum Palestinian human or national rights in the 22% asked for by the Palestinian leadership.

Now Powell is fund-raising for the JNF (Jewish National Fund) at the Glasgow Hilton on the night of Monday 16th. (In between the same in London on Sunday 15th and Manchester on Tuesday 17th. London.

The JNF is a militantly racist organisation and

* refuses to allow Arabs to live on its land
* develops illegal Jewish-only settlements in the territories conquered and occuppied since 1967
* controls land stolen from ethnically-cleansed Palestinians
* opposes all attempts by human rights groups to challenge its policies
* prohibits by open statute the sale of land to non-Jews


* has funded large amounts of discriminatory land purchases in Israel
* is funding a new Jewish-only settlement in an area proposed to form aprt of a future Palestinian state
* distributes pro-Israeli propaganda masquerading as eduational material.
* features on its website a map of Israel stretching from the Meditarranean Sea to the Jordan River
* gets financial support from every British taxpayer
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Tomorrow . . . ! [07 Dec 2005|10:07am]


Click picture to visit site and get more details, directions etc. Going to be a night to remember :)
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amnesty [10 Nov 2005|10:35am]

The Amnesty International Glasgow South Group presents an authors' evening with writers reading for Amnesty on Thursday 24 November 2005, at 7pm, Glasgow School of Art, MacIntosh lecture Theatre, 167 Renfrew Street. Tickets (available at the door) are priced £5/£3 and include a glass of wine. All proceeds go to Amnesty. Chris Dolan will host the night and Bernard MacLaverty, Tom Leonard, Anne Donovan and Ayad Alhaiatly from Artists in Exile will read among others. Bernard MacLaverty will also show his short film Bye Child.

Please pass this on to your literary and/or human rights minded friends and colleagues, and we'd appreciate if you could put up/distribute attached poster/leaflet.
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[07 Oct 2005|11:23am]


Just a reminder that Instal 05 is happening at the Arches in Glasgow between the 14th and 16th of October. Because of the sheer volume of international artists who want to play the festival, we've had to stretch ourselves out over an entire weekend this year, which has allowed us to curate a different vibe for each day.

, who chose last year's festival as the site of his first ever solo performance, will kick things off on Friday, setting the tone for a powering, heavy, rock influenced evening. Saturday will feel more high-energy, with protracted, feral noise and a rare UK performance from Sun City Girls. Also, in another Instal world exclusive, we've managed to convince Japanese noise wizards Hijokaidan to play their first ever set outside of Japan. We're kicking back with a Sunday that arranges itself around drone-based meditative music, with pioneering US composer Pauline Oliveros not only performing but hosting one of her Deep Listening workshops.

[and a little bit of Instal gossip...
Sounds pretty thrilling, doesn't it? Instal's reputation precedes it this year -your ticket allows you to rub shoulders with the great and the good, or at least the weird and the wonderful. Gumbo director Harmony Korine is flying to Glasgow especially to attend the festival this year, and hippy legend Donovan will also be in attendance...]

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